Reflective Educational Research

Action Learning for International Schools (ALIS)

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When communities invest in technology for school, stakeholders want to know how it’s making an impact. Gathering data for self-reflection and action learning can help schools determine areas for future development, where to celebrate success, and help to inform new decisions along the way. Using data to inform decisions builds confidence in new practices, promotes reflective culture, and provides an evidenced-based perspective to better support a vision for technology and learning and the evolution of teaching and learning in your school.

In this year-long educational support program, local teams of international K-12 schools will be provided with the tools, time, and support to develop and investigate an area of technology integration more deeply of their own choice. Specifically, 8 online learning sessions (via Zoom) will provide each school the theory, resources, and best practices to more effectively leverage data and research in the context of their own educational objectives, and setting. Through curated data collection activities and resulting data tools and dashboards, school teams will actively use their own results to explore data-driven decision making, document and replicate best practices, and empirically determine if and how each school's unique program goals are being met.

Session Overview

Phase 1 - Discovery

Phase 2 - Building Capacity

Phase 3 - Applying and Personalising: Telling Your Data Story