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Reflective Educational Research is proud to collaborate on a new series of snapshot studies designed to illuminate and share the experiences and voice across the ADS community on themes of global educational relevance.

The last few years have challenged teachers, students, parents, and leaders in ways never before imagined. This is an important time to better understand how teaching and learning have changed and the impacts of such changes.

First launched in late-2021, the first global snapshot study explored Personalized Learning in Complex Times. From November 22, 2021 to January 31, 2022, over 5,000 online surveys captured the voice and experiences from a wide range of classroom teachers in over 140 schools. Subsequent snapshot studies have addressed teacher wellbeing in over 4,000 classrooms in 20+ countries.

We believe such snapshot studies provide a meaningful opportunity for participating schools to self-reflect with empirical data, learn from each other, and ultimately use this simple data to strengthen educational practices. Over time, such research and data also provides schools an opportunity to learn from each other and better understand the broader context of their own teacher voice in this global community of educators and schools.

Using the log-in button above, participating schools can sign-in to access to their own school-wide results as well as study-wide results via a data dashboard.



  1. Give schools private, secure access to explore their own survey results through a dynamic data dashboard.
  2. Provide schools a greater context of teacher experiences and perspectives from around the globe by being their own school data compared to national and international trends and peer schools.
  3. Model the value and function of school-led research through curated experience.
  4. Provide schools and the greater educational community a window into teachers voice.
  5. Give schools a better understanding and context to the challenges and opportunities facing teachers in their schools and around the world.
  6. Create a safe and supportive opportunity and resource for schools to examine and reflect on teacher voice and experience.

Action Research for Continuous Improvement

ADS Action Research for Continuous Improvement is a unique professional learning experience for K12 school teams to develop their capacity for action research by more deeply investigating an area of technology integration and learning in their school. Participating school teams will work with educational researcher Dr. Damian Bebell to develop research questions around important global educational topics, collect data in their own school using empirical research tools, and then explore and share their own local results and learnings.

Over ten weeks, four synchronous learning sessions will introduce each school’s team to the theory, resources, and best practices for leveraging data and research in the context of their own educational objectives and setting. Specifically, each participating schools will identify and develop a research topic and question, collect data from their across their teaching staff, and use data tools to explore local learning practices and perceptions across their school. Through this research experience, schools will directly participate in curated action research activities accessing a suite of data collection and reporting tools.

Each 75-minute live session will be led by Dr. Damian Bebell and supported by an international team of renowned educational researchers providing schools with curated resources, reflection opportunities, facilitated work time, and support to collect and explore their own empirical data. Supporting each school team and each live session, we will use the Canvas LMS will provide curated resources and media related to each topic.

Fall 2023 Schedule

  • Session 1 - Oct. 10: Intro to Action Research/ Research Topics
  • Session 2 - Oct. 24: Research Design and Action Research Tools
  • Session 3 - Nov. 7: Collecting Data
  • Session 4 - Nov. 21: Analyzing and Telling Stories with Data
  • Session 5 - Dec. 7: Celebration of Learning

Each 75 minute session will occur twice each scheduled day @ 8am and 5pm PST.

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