Reflective Educational Research

iPad Learning Experience (iLE)

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Since 2017, Apple's iLE program has provided hundreds of classrooms with a curated opportunity to implement and explore 1:1 student computing in a short-term setting.

Working collaboratively with Apple Education to create a more active and immersive learning experience, participating classrooms develop teaching and learning resources and experiences paired with student's 1:1 access to iPads. Specifically, the iLE seeks to create conditions and develop learning experiences for primary and secondary school settings that harness the affordances of technology to more foster more active & deep learning from students, make learning more visible, and tailored to students' interests and needs.

As a central component of this initiative, participating classrooms and schools use pre/post surveys, student drawings, and other research tools to capture the experience and voice of teachers and students over time. These systematic research and reflection practices provide schools with rich, empirical data that assists them in framing a compelling 'why 1:1' to share with their community.

As such, the iLE initiative provides an authentic and meaningful learning opportunity for participating schools to reflect and evolve their journey to become more effective designers of learning experiences.

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